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The Priorities Fund of The Church of Ireland



In February 1979, a Report entitled ‘First of All’ was submitted by a Steering Committee to the Representative Church Body of the Church of Ireland. The Report stated that:

“The priority of the Church of Ireland is spiritual, not material but that new money must be found if the Church is to provide support for those areas of ministry and social responsibility deemed to be in need. This money must come principally from the laity and it is proposed that every parish be asked to provide an annual contribution to a fund which will be called The Priorities Fund. This fund should be administered by the Standing Committee on behalf of the General Synod“.

The Fund came into existence in 1980. In its first year, contributions totalling IR£190,775 (€242,234) were received from the dioceses. Since then, over €20 million has been raised and allocated to projects within the Church of Ireland.

Did you know? You can also apply online at your leisure, via our online application process, without having to download or save anything!

See: www.priorities.ireland.anglican.org/applications