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The Priorities Fund of The Church of Ireland



Only projects which comply with the Criteria may be funded.  Before you decide to apply, it is important that you read the Criteria carefully.

Areas Currently Supported By The Fund

  • Training – Lay and Ordained – Training in the following areas:– post–ordination, clergy in–service, lay ministry, youth ministry, children’s ministry, student chaplaincy.
  • Christian Education – Development of RE in schools, children’s ministry, youth work, adult education.
  • Outreach Initiatives – To encourage creative and innovative projects, which reach out to the communities our parishes serve, including church plants and missional areas.
  • Innovative Ministry in a Rural Context – To encourage creative and innovative ministry projects in the sparsely populated areas of the country, in rural or village settings.

Maximising The Effect Of Grants From The Priorities Fund

In order to spread the money from the Fund as widely and fairly as possible, we try to adhere to certain conditions.

We encourage:–

  • Applications for grants for ‘seed capital’.
  • Applications for grants which will have a significant influence in attracting other funding.

We try to avoid:–

  • Funding for projects which are still at the planning stage, including feasibility studies.
  • Recurrent grant aiding.
  • Funding for salaries.
  • Financing debts.
  • Restoration projects for cathedrals and church buildings.
  • Routine renovations and repairs.

Applications Requiring Recommendations

It is necessary for most projects to be vetted before they reach the Priorities Fund Committee.

These applications are recommended or not recommended by:–

  • Church of Ireland Youth Department (youth projects).
  • The appropriate Diocesan Council (diocesan and parish projects).

It is advisable for applicants to check with the Administrator whether a project is required to be vetted BEFORE submitting an application.

Closing date for receipt of completed applications – 31 October each year.

Did you know– you can also apply online at your leisure, via our new application process, without having to download or save anything!” see www.priorities.ireland.anglican.org/applications